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Partially based on inspiration from Rob Conery and his MVC Storefront webcasts, I am writing my own eCommerce application. I could use an off-the-shelf product, or an open source product, but how fun would that be? I know there are a gazillion eCommerce software packages out there. Who needs another one? My goal is not the end result, but the learning experience of a new way of developing software.

I am trying to use TDD (Test Driven Development), but it is hard. I'm not used to coding that way. I have been in more of a test after development mindset.

I am trying to use DDD (Domain Driven Design). That is not so hard, I have usually started by designing the database schema first, but I've always kept the appearance of my model classes in mind when doing so. It is a nice shift to start with writing my domain objects first.

I am using NHibernate for the first time, but I've used other ORM's for many years. I am also using LINQ to NHibernate. I think I've found a few bugs already, I will have to isolate a test case and post it here, and see if I can't contribute something back to that community.

I plan to use the ASP.NET MVC framework for the customer side of the application. I plan to use silverlight for the admin interface. I plan to expose a WCF service for the silverlight code to talk to the back end.

How to contribute?

I am not at the stage where I really want other folks to join the project, I need to lay down a bunch more groundwork. It's nothing more than a place for me do do my playing around at this stage. At some point, I will open things up for other contributors. But, if you see that I am doing something wrong, feel free to submit a patch.

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